Spelling and Grammatical Errors

National Park Planner is pretty much a one-man operation at this point. I am attempting to visit and write about the National Parks as quickly as possible, and while I proof read my work until I am blue in the face, it’s nearly impossible for a writer to catch all of his or her own spelling and grammar errors. With no budget for help, NPP cannot hire a proof reader. Therefore, I ask readers to report any errors they find while reading the material. Simply go to the Contact Info page and send me an email stating the title page, what paragraph or section the error is in, and the actual error.


Steve Markos

Factual or Park Errors

National Park Planner asks readers to report any factual errors and any error pertaining to the visitation of the park (for example, a trail no longer exists or a picnic area is now closed). As with spelling and grammatical errors, go to the Contact Info page and send an email with the corrected facts or park info.

With a few exceptions, use of any photograph on the National Park Planner website requires a paid Royalty Free Editorial Use License or Commercial Use License. See the Photo Usage page for details.
Last updated on June 22, 2020
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