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.44-caliber Derringer used by Booth to kill Lincoln

.44-caliber Derringer used by Booth to kill Lincoln

In addition to Ford’s Theatre and the Peterson House, the Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site includes two museums: the Ford’s Theatre Museum located on the bottom floor of the theater and museum exhibits three floors of the Center for Education and Leadership located across the street. A ticket is required to enter any of these facilities, and since they are theoretically free—service charge for online tickets, free at the box office—you cannot purchase a ticket specifically for a museum. One ticket gets you into all venues.

Typically the first stop on a tour of the Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site, this museum covers Abraham Lincoln’s time in office and the events leading up to his assassination. There are a number of artifacts on display, including the .44-caliber Derringer pistol used by John Wilkes Booth to kill the president.

This museum is the last stop on the tour and is adjacent to the Peterson House. The fourth floor museum covers the aftermath of the assassination, including Lincoln’s funeral, the hunt for Booth (who eluded authorities for twelve days), and the sentencing of his co-conspirators. The third floor focuses on the legacy of Lincoln, featuring exhibits on world leaders who look to Lincoln for inspiration, and a fun exhibit on Lincoln’s role in today’s pop culture. The second floor is for rotating exhibits.

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Last updated on April 26, 2020
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