Guilford Courthouse National Military Park | BATTLEFIELD TOUR STOP 3

Stop 3 on the Guilford Courthouse Battlefield Tour

Stop 3 on the Guilford Courthouse Battlefield Tour

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Stop 3 on the Guilford Courthouse Battlefield Tour is located at the start of the American second line’s left flank, which like the first line, was comprised of militiamen, not professional soldiers. The full second line extends past the park boundaries on both the right and left side. Two information panels are all there is at this stop.

After breaking through the American first line, British troops continued forward to engage the second line. However, the forest was thick in this area, so it was impossible to fight using the traditional 18th century method of lining up men opposite each other and shooting back and forth. Fighting at this point was done behind trees, with groups of men on both sides breaking off to engage each other. Eventually the British overran this line as well and continued their march to the third and final line of the American defense.

A trail that follows the second line begins here and runs a half mile to Stop 8, the start of the right flank of the second line. If hiking the battlefield, you will hike this trail.

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Last updated on January 24, 2022
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