Cape Hatteras National Seashore | BODIE TO CAPE POINT BEACHES: ATLANTIC


Most beach access points with parking for beachgoers at Cape Hatteras National Seashore are at Off Road Access Ramps, which are beach entrance ramps for those with 4-Wheel Drive vehicles and an Off Road Permit. Anywhere you park requires a walk ranging from 75 to 500 yards (.25 mile), a walk made even longer when carrying coolers, chairs, and other equipment over loose beach sand.

The following are beach access points with parking for beachgoers (listed north to south).

Bodie Island Beach Access

These are only two parking areas with access to the Atlantic Ocean beaches on Bodie Island.

Off Road Ramp 1
75-yard walk to beach

Coquina Beach
150-yard walk to beach

Hatteras Island Beach Access

Once you leave Bodie Island by crossing a bridge to Hatteras Island you will be in the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, and the beaches is closed to people. Cape Hatteras National Seashore property begins again once you leave the Pea Island refuge, and from there the entire shoreline all the way to Cape Point, the southernmost tip of Hatteras Island, is National Park property. There are four small towns that interrupt the solitude of the park, starting with Rodanthe just south of the Pea Island refuge, but even in these towns the beach is still National Park Service property. However, most of these beaches are lined with rental properties and other homes, so unless you are staying in town, it is best to travel to the more pristine beaches and avoid these developed areas. The towns have plenty of shops and restaurants—everything you need when you’ve had enough of nature.

Off Road Ramp 23
500-yard walk to beach

Off Road Ramp 25
300-yard walk to beach

Off Road Ramp 27
150-yard walk to beach

Off Road Ramp 30
150-yard walk to beach

Off Road Ramp 32
250-yard walk to beach

Kinnakeet Beach Access
250-yard walk to beach

Off Road Ramp 34
350-yard walk to beach

Off Road Ramp 38
150-yard walk to beach

Unnamed Road
75-yard walk to beach

Haulover Day Use Area
150-yard walk to beach

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach
100 to 150-yard walk to beach, depending on parking lot you leave from

Off Road Ramp 43
75-yard walk to beach

Although I do not recommend it, if you can pull safely off the road and onto the shoulder, you can walk over the dunes and to the beach at any spot unless marked with a Beach Closed sign. This is the hardest way to get to the beach, but you can access more secluded spots. Do not pull off into a sandy area because you may get stuck. Furthermore, do not try to hike through dense brush. Only attempt to get to the beach if you see a well worn path or very minimal brush.

Parking along the road is permissible

Parking along the road is permissible

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Last updated on March 25, 2020
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