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Right side of the Blue Ridge Parkway's Upper Linville Falls

Right side of the Blue Ridge Parkway’s Upper Linville Falls

There are a number of waterfalls along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hiking is required to get to most of them. Trails range from moderate to strenuous in difficulty.

White Rock Falls (2.2 miles round trip (RT) from The Slacks Overlook, MP 20)

Wigwam Falls (.2 miles RT from Yankee Horse Ridge Overlook, MP 34.4)

Apple Orchard Falls (2.4 mile RT from Sunset Field Overlook, MP 78.4)

Falls Creek Falls (1-mile loop trail at E. B. Jeffress Park, MP 271.9)

Linville Falls (largest waterfalls in the park, accessed from the Linville Falls Recreation Area, MP 316.4)

Crabtree Falls (3-mile loop trail from Crabtree Falls Visitor Center, MP 339.5 )

Upper and Lower Falls at Graveyard Fields (.25-mile RT hike to Lower Falls, and 3-mile loop trail to Upper Falls from Graveyard Fields parking area, MP 418.8)

Woodfin Cascades Overlook (small cascade viewable from the Parkway, MP 446.7)

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Last updated on December 19, 2023
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