Blue Ridge Parkway | ROANOKE VALLEY HIKING TRAILS (MP 111-120)

Roanoke Valley map (click to enlarge)

Roanoke Valley map (click to enlarge)

Roanoke River Trail

This .5-mile loop trail starts at the Roanoke River Overlook at MP 114.9.

Roanoke Mountain Loop Trail

This .4-mile loop trail departs from the top of Roanoke Mountain and is reached via the Roanoke Mountain Loop Road.

Buck Mountain Trail

This 1-mile round trip trail starts at the Buck Mountain Overlook and leads to a view of Buck Mountain and the city of Roanoke.

Stewarts Knob Trail

Supposedly there is a 1.2-mile one-way hikers-only trail from the Stewarts Knob Overlook, and while there is a trail, nothing indicates its name. There is, however, a trail open to horseback riders, but hikers can use it as well. The trail runs from the overlook for approximately 5 miles before ending at the Roanoke River.

Chestnut Ridge Trail

This 5.4 mile loop trail runs along Mill Mountain Parkway and can be accessed from the Chestnut Ridge Parking Area. Turn off of the Blue Ridge Parkway near MP 120.5 and onto Mill Mountain Parkway. This is rated as Moderate in difficulty.

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Last updated on December 7, 2023
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