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Unless posted, fishing is permitted from a half hour before sunrise until a half hour after sunset in all lakes, ponds, and streams within National Park property along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Specific regulations are usually posted at each fishing location, which makes it difficult to figure out exactly what you need to do in order to comply until you get there. When in doubt, try calling the Blue Ridge Park headquarters at (828) 271-4779 and asking about a particular spot.

Sample of posted rules along a fishing spot

Sample of posted rules along a fishing spot

Streams may flow onto U. S. Forest Service or private land. The posted rules apply only to National Park Service property. There are many points along the Parkway where the park land is no more than 800 feet wide, so technically you could be fishing within the Blue Ridge Parkway right along the side of the road, but if you walk downstream you may be on U. S. Forest Service land, which could have a different set of rules. In most cases a sign will mark the border of NPS property.

The proper North Carolina or Virginia fishing license is required for those over the age of 16. People under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to fish without a license. No special stamps are required. Only single hooks and artificial lures may be used. In general, catch-and-release fishing is encouraged, but not required. No fishing is allowed from footbridges, dams, or walls.

For the most current regulations, see the Fishing section of the 2019 Superintendent’s Compendium.

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Last updated on May 6, 2020
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