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Rocky Knob Campground Loop T for RVs

Rocky Knob Campground Loop

The Blue Ridge Parkway currently has eight campgrounds that accommodate both tent campers and RVers. These are typically open from May until the end of October, though the official opening and closing dates change each year. Be sure to get the latest schedule on the official Operating Hours and Seasons web page for the Blue Ridge Parkway.

None of the campgrounds have electric or water hook-ups, and only the Julian Price and Mount Pisgah campground have showers. In fact, other than restroom facilities, the campgrounds have not been significantly upgraded since they were built between 1935 and 1950. Because of this, 60% of Blue Ridge Parkway visitors who plan an overnight camping trip opt for one of the many private campgrounds located along the 469-mile route. Occupation rates rarely exceed 50% at the busiest campground, the Linville Falls Campground, and hover around 25% at the Peaks of Otter Campground, the least utilized.

The National Park Service knows that it is losing customers to private campgrounds. A new Management Plan was completed in 2013, and it addresses these issues. Plans include enlarging tent pads to hold larger, modern tents, adding water and electric hookups, and upgrading bathrooms to include hot showers. A couple of the campgrounds will have roads widened to make it easier for RVs to maneuver. In addition, there will be a push to increase the number of RV sites, though at the expense of tent sites. Of course coming up with the approximately $30 million for campground improvements is another story, and even then there’s no telling how long it will take to implement these renovations. As of 2020, the only significant upgrade is showers at Julian Price Campground.

There are also backcountry (aka primitive) campsites at Rocky Knob, Julian Price Park, and Doughton Park. See the Backcountry Camping web page for details.

See the following web pages here on National Park Planner for detailed information about each campground. (Attraction and visitor facility locations along the Blue Ridge Parkway are referenced by Mile Post (MP) numbers. Mileage is tracked from 0 at the northern entrance to 469 at the southern entrance. You will see the mile posts along the Parkway just as you see mile posts on Interstates and other highways.)

Otter Creek Campground (MP 61)

Peaks of Otter Campground (MP 85.9)

Rocky Knob Campground (MP 167.1)

Doughton Park Campground (MP 239.2)

Julian Price Park Campground (MP 297)

Linville Falls Campground (MP 316.4)

Crabtree Falls Campground (MP 339.5)

Mount Pisgah Campground (MP 408.7)

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Last updated on May 4, 2020
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