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Ferry arrives at Sailors Haven

Ferry arrives at Sailors Haven

Fire Island is 32 miles long, but paved roads end at the Fire Island Lighthouse at the western boundary of Fire Island National Seashore and at the Otis Pike Wilderness on the eastern end. Sandy roads that require 4-Wheel Drive vehicles run through the central section of the island, but these are only open to residents, and even then only during the off-season. To reach the mid-point of the island on foot would require more than a 12-mile walk, one way. Therefore, if you want to visit the central units of Fire Island National Seashore such as Sailors Haven or Watch Hill and do not have your own boat, you’ll need to take a public ferry from Long Island. Ferries also travel to the various seaside communities.

See the following web pages for more information on ferry service to Fire Island National Seashore destinations:

Ferry to Sailors Haven

Ferry to Watch Hill

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Last updated on May 28, 2020
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