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Jockey Hollow Trail Map (click to enlarge)

Jockey Hollow Trail Map (click to enlarge)

Morristown National Historical Park is as popular a park for walking, hiking, and jogging as it is for history. The park roads are the main choice for locals who want exercise, but there are also over 27 miles of traditional hiking trails in the park. Most are located in the Jockey Hollow Encampment Area, with the lone exception being a trail that leads to the New Jersey Brigade encampment site at the southern end of the park.

Before beginning a hike, be sure to pick up a trail map at either the Jockey Hollow Visitor Center or the Washington’s Headquarters Museum. There is a small fee. You can also download a copy on the Park Map web page here on National Park Planner, but unless you can print the map in color or can look at it on your phone, you’ll need the printed color map from the park.

All trails allow hikers, and a few also allow horseback riders, though you must have your own horse. There are no stables that provide horses or trail rides in or near the park. Bikes are not allowed on the trails, but they are welcome on the park roads.

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New Jersey Brigade Area Trail Map (click to enlarge)

New Jersey Brigade Area Trail Map (click to enlarge)

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Last updated on May 17, 2020
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