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The Missouri Memorial at Vicksburg National Military Park

The Missouri Memorial at Vicksburg National Military Park

There are over 1,300 monuments at Vicksburg National Military Park, ranging from small memorials dedicated to individual solders (mainly officers) to larger memorials for military units. However, the largest of them all, some so opulent that they can be referred to as art, are the monuments erected by the states that had troops at Vicksburg, both Union and Confederate. These monuments are dedicated to all military units from that state.

Most of the Union monuments were erected in the early 1900s. The economy of the South had still not recovered, and southern politicians had better things than monuments to spend money on. However, Southern memorials have trickled in over the years, with the most recent being added in 2011.

The following links take you to photos and information about each state memorial. They are listed in the order you will find them on the Battlefield Tour road. You can navigate from one monument to the next via a menu at the bottom of each page.





West Virginia


Rhode Island



New Hampshire

New York








Kentucky (Confederate Memorial)

Kentucky (State Memorial)




There are also five other state memorials that are outside of the park: North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia. They are located along South Confederate Avenue on land that used to belong to the National Park. The National Park Service gave this land back to the state of Mississippi in exchange for the state closing some roads that led into the park. I did not photograph these because they are no longer part of the park.

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Last updated on January 20, 2022
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