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Detached Park Units are small parcels of land that are part of Vicksburg National Military Park but are outside of the Vicksburg battlefield area. All of these played a part in the fighting at Vicksburg. Three are forts along the Mississippi River—two Confederate and one Union—and one site is that of a Union attempt to dig a canal across De Soto Point so that ships could simply bypass Vicksburg on their way down the Mississippi River. A fifth unit, though not considered a “detached unit” by the National Park Service, is a house in downtown Vicksburg that was used as the headquarters of Confederate General John Pemberton. The house is not open to the public due to the need for renovation, but you can go by and take a photo.

Each detached unit takes no more than 15 minutes to visit. Drive time would be in addition to this. All are near Vicksburg except Grant’s Canal, which is just over the I-20 bridge in Louisiana. The best way to get to all of these is to drive down Clay Street towards downtown Vicksburg. Clay Street is the street that runs in front of the the Vicksburg National Military Park Visitor Center. When leaving the park, turn right to go downtown. Pemberton’s Headquarters is the first stop. Many of these downtown streets are one-way, so turn left on Cherry Street, then take the first left on Crawford Street. The house is on the right towards the end of the street near Adams Street. You can park at the curb. When leaving, just turn left on Adams and left back onto Clay to continue to downtown. You essentially go around the block.

Once on Clay Street, go four blocks and turn left on Washington Street. The three forts are on Washington, though down a couple of miles. All three are on the right side of the road. When done at the last fort, Navy Circle, get on I-20 west and cross the bridge into Louisiana. Get off at exit 186 and take a right at the end of the ramp. When the road dead ends into Old Highway 80 (LA 3128), take a right. Proceed down Hwy 80 and take the second right you come to. When that street ends, take another right. Grant’s Canal parking is on the left just after you pass under the Interstate.

Pemberton’s Headquarters

Louisiana Circle

South Fort

Navy Circle

Grant’s Canal

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Last updated on January 19, 2022
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