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Adams National Historical Park tour bus

Adams National Historical Park tour bus

There is no tour bus for the 2023 season. Tour participants must drive their own vehicles to the house sites. This involves street parking, which is difficult to find. Good luck with that. When the bus is not operating, tours for those who already have a ticket begin at the John and Quincy Adams house site at 133-141 Franklin Street in Quincy. Ticket holders do not need to go to the Visitor Center first. This web page is not updated frequently, so bus service may have resumed by the time you do the tour.

The birth homes of John Adams and his son John Quincy and the Old House at Peacefield are only open to the public on guided tours that start at the Adams National Historical Park Visitor Center on Hancock Street. Tours are typically offered from May 1st through October 31st, Wednesdays through Sundays at multiple times each day. Allow three hours for the tour. This includes watching the park film at the Visitor Center before you depart to the home sites. From there, a bus takes participants to the homes, so you do not need to drive.

There is a fee for the tour, and tickets can be purchased up to two months in advance at or, if any tickets remain, on the day of the tour at the Visitor Center (credit or debit cards). Only eight people are allowed on each tour, and these usually sell out in advance, particularly during July and August. Unless you don’t have Internet service, it is highly recommended that you get your tickets online. Again, tickets are only available at the Visitor Center if they were not sold online. Tour times are provided at

Luggage, large bags, and backpacks are not allowed on the tour. There is no place to store such items at the Visitor Center, so leave them in your car, home, or hotel room. All you really need is a bottle of water and a camera. The only restrooms are at the Visitor Center.

The tour first stops at the birth homes on Franklin Street, then proceeds to the Peacefield mansion on Adams Street. While there is nothing to do at the birth homes except tour the houses, there are gardens that you can explore on your own at Peacefield. If you want to spend more time there, you do not have to take the bus back with your group. Instead, you can walk back to the Visitor Center. The distance is only a half mile, a 10-15 minute walk for most people.

Birth home of John Adams, Adams National Historical Park

Birth home of John Adams, Adams National Historical Park

The tour of the birth homes only covers the lower floor, so those in non-motorized wheelchairs or with other mobility problems can enter the house (if you only have a motorized wheelchair, you can borrow a non-motorized chair at the park). The tour of the Old House at Peacefield ventures upstairs, so while the first floor is accessible, disabled visitors cannot see the second floor. Furthermore, the bus does not have a place for wheelchairs, so disabled visitors must drive themselves to the homes. If this is your situation, please call the park at (617) 773-1177 before arriving so the proper arrangements can be made.

Photography was not allowed inside the house when I took the tour, and thus I have no interior photos. However, the policy has changed, though no flash or selfie-sticks may be used, and no video may be shot. You can do what you want outside. You can see some of the rooms of the Peacefield mansion in this short video by Bob Vila.

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Last updated on September 8, 2023
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