Monocacy National Battlefield | BATTLEFIELD TOUR

Monocacy National Battlefield map

Monocacy National Battlefield map

There are five stops on a driving tour of Monocacy National Battlefield. The park brochure available at the Visitor Center has a map and basic information about each stop. Additional information is provided on wayside exhibits, and there are hiking trails at most stops that allow you to walk the grounds where the battle took place. The tour itself takes two hours; add four hours if you want to hike all of the trails.

National Park Planner has created a virtual tour of the Monocacy battlefield complete with plenty of photos of what you will see at each tour stop. Feel free to use this as an additional source of information as you drive around the battlefield. At the bottom of each tour stop page is a navigation menu that allows you to jump to the next or previous stop.

Stop 1: Best Farm

Stop 2: Worthington Farm

Stop 3: Thomas Farm

Stop 4: Gambrill Mill

Stop 5: 14th New Jersey Monument

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Last updated on May 5, 2023
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