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Jimmy Carter Peanut in Plains, Georgia

Jimmy Carter Peanut in Plains, Georgia

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A thirteen-foot tall smiling peanut stands in front of a convenience store just down the road from Plains High School, home to the Jimmy Carter National Historical Park Visitor Center. Now known as the Jimmy Carter Peanut or the Smiling Peanut, it was made by three members of the Indiana Democratic Party for a political rally in Evansville. After the event, the peanut was shipped to Plains where it found its home at the railroad depot, the headquarters for Carter’s presidential campaign. It was then given to Maxine Reese, who was Carter’s Campaign Coordinator for the Third Congressional District and the President of the Plains Historical Preservation Trust (PHPT). The peanut became property of PHPT and was eventually moved to its present location, which at the time was the property of Mrs. Reese. Though the property is now owned by Davis E-Z Stop, the PHPT still maintains the peanut. Supposedly Carter hates the thing, but he has to drive by it every Sunday on his way to Maranatha Baptist Church, which is just a little farther down the road.

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Last updated on April 30, 2022
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