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Fort Pickens Area Map (click to enlarge)

Fort Pickens Area Map (click to enlarge)

The Fort Pickens Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore covers the western end of Santa Rosa Island and offers opportunities for those interested in both recreation and history. Fort Pickens has the largest collection of 1800s forts and batteries open to the public of any National Park on the east coast; the only developed campground in the Florida unit of the park; plenty of places to picnic; and approximately fifteen miles of Gulf and Pensacola Bay beaches to enjoy.

The beaches and outdoor areas of Fort Pickens are open from 5 AM to 8 PM from March through October. The unit is open from 5 AM to 6 PM the rest of the year. The entrance is gated and locked when the park is closed and only campers with a lock code can enter after hours. Keep in mind that times can always change, so before making travel plans be sure and get the latest operating hours on the National Park Service’s official Fort Pickens Area web page.

There is an entrance fee for the Fort Pickens Area (National Park passes are welcome). Once paid, you will be issued a seven-day pass that gets you into all other areas in the park. For the current prices, visit the official Gulf Islands National Seashore Entrance Fees web page.

Fort Pickens Road, the main road through the park, is prone to flooding, and not just during a hurricane or severe storms. Being near sea level, even exceptionally high tides accompanied by strong winds can cause the sea to spill over the sand dunes and cover the road in salt water. In most cases cars must simply drive through the shallow water, but there are times when the park may be evacuated. Campers must be ready to leave on short notice. Rest easily though, because closing the park is not something that occurs often.

Please visit the following web pages for complete details on all there is to see and do at Fort Pickens.


Fort Pickens Visitor Center

Fort Pickens Discovery Center

Fort Pickens Plaza


Fort Pickens

Batteries at Fort Pickens

Chasefield Plantation Gravestones


Langdon Beach and Picnic Pavilion

Pensacola Bay Beaches


Fort Pickens Campground

Fort Pickens Group Campsite


Blackbird Marsh Trail

Dune Nature Trail


Battery Langdon Picnic Pavilion

Battery Worth Picnic Area

Sand dunes in the Fort Pickens Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore

Sand dunes in the Fort Pickens Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore

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Last updated on April 26, 2022
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