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Fishing in the Poll or Troll Zone of Snake Bight

Fishing in the Poll or Troll Zone of Snake Bight

Encompassing the entire southern tip of Florida, there is no lack of fishing opportunities at Everglades National Park, both salt- and freshwater. No special fishing license from the National Park Service is required. All you need is the proper Florida state fishing license. See the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website for details.

Motorized boat are not allowed in freshwater lakes, and motors must be removed from the transom. The only exception is West Lake, where motors no greater than 6 HP are allowed. For a complete list of No Motor areas, see Everglades National Park’s Motors web page.


Saltwater fishing opportunities can be found in the Gulf Coast Area and Flamingo Area of the Everglades. Boat launches are available at each location. All areas are open to fishing except for Eco Pond, Mrazek Pond, and Coot Bay Pond, and no fishing is allowed from the West Lake boardwalk or from the docks at the Flamingo Marina during daylight hours.

State of Florida fishing regulations apply, though there are some special rules for certain areas of the park. At Snake Bight, a very popular fishing spot in the Florida Bay area, no internal combustion motors are allowed except in the Tin Can and Snake Bight channels. The area is a Poll or Troll zone, meaning you can use an electric trolling motor, a pole, or paddles to propel your boat. During low tides the water may be less than one foot deep, so check the tide charts before departing. Should you tear up the seagrass with a power motor in a Poll or Troll Zone, you can be fined by the foot of damaged area.


Freshwater fishing is allowed on all inland lakes, ponds, and rivers except for the lakes at the Ernest Coe Visitor Center, the Royal Palm Visitor Center area lakes, Chekika Lake, the Shark Valley Tram road, Taylor Slough, and anywhere along the first three miles after the Homestead entrance on Main Park Road.

For more information, see the National Park Service’s Fishing web page for Everglades National Park.

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Last updated on January 1, 2020
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